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Welcome To The Bitchery

OMG you guise I just had Ethiopian food for the first time and holy shitballs it was amazing.

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(Not my picture but that’s basically what it looked like).

When I google mapped the hotel I’m staying at in Atlanta for work (and a king-sized memory foam bed to myself could be its own “holy shit amazing” post) the map showed all these Ethiopian restaurants close by so that was my one plan for this trip, and I was not disappoint. I had chicken tibs with injera (spongy flatbread you tear up and use to pick up the chicken) plus, I think it was called missar? Spicy red lentil stew that tasted of smoky...fruit? Apricots maybe? Would happily eat both of these until the end of time.


The staff were super friendly to an obvious n00b and dinner + tip was $15 so if you’re in Atlanta and hungry do yourself a favor and go to Desta Ethiopian Kitchen.

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