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Deliriously tired but I'm back!

I missed you guys! I've been in Thailand for the past two weeks, and boy was that an adventure.

It started with a freak snowstorm. We left Eugene at 10 in the morning and it took us over 17 hours to drive to San Francisco - it was snowing past Redding. This never happens and it's usually an 8 hour drive. It hasn't snowed in Redding since the early 90s. It snowed more than 6 inches in Eugene before we even left. So we picked the worst day in 20 years to drive that far. We saw more than 25 wrecks, including several semitrucks, and I was fucking terrified most of the way there (and I drove). Just as we got out of the snow, we got a flat tire. And we didn't have a lug nut wrench in the car for some reason.

Thailand is a very interesting place. We walked right through the riots in Bangkok, which were oddly commercialized - the street vendors were selling tshirts and headbands in Thai national colors to the rioters. They sell dildos on the street in Bangkok, too. It was a really dirty city, with a mix of insanely expensive, huge buildings and shacks made of bamboo and palm leaves. Chiang Mai was lovely, and Phuket reminded me of Key West, Florida - with a lot of Russians. Thai people kept trying to talk to us in Russian.


Anyways, I'm pretty delirious right now after over 36 hours of traveling, but I just wanted to say hi and I missed you guys and I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas! Man, I have so much catching up to do around here.

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