Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So here in Ye Olde England Deli is short for Delicatessen, which usually sells all the cured meats and cheese and wines and truffle oils and handmade houmous by sherpa hermits.

In America they make made-to-order SANDWICHES!

Mind officially BLOWN. At first I was all ewww this is basically my local off-licence (corner store) making me a sandwich with their dirty hands. Then I tasted one and OhhhMeerrrGerrrrrd Cocaine Sammich in My mouth (Drugs are Bad mmmmkay).


Has anyone had Virgils Micro-brewed cream soda! Its like drinking marshmallow clouds whilst cherubs dance to the lute. That with a sammich, thank you mother earth for all your goddamn gifts.

Kitty out.

P.S. But Seriously that cream soda, someone bring it to England. Please.

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