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Delivery Fees for Food

Yes, this is a whine.

Has anyone else noticed that pretty much every single place has a delivery fee now?

Which, for us, means, you order food, pay 7% tax, 2-3 bucks on delivery, then tip..which means 33% of take out is pretty much tax + fees.


I mean, I ASSUME the delivery fee doesn't go back to the driver, but now I'm wondering if it does? We mostly order from mom and pop delivery kid is someone's actual kid places, so I'm not sure if they get the fee or if it goes to Foodler or what not.

But no one sends out menus to us anymore so Foodler kind of cornered the market and all I fucking want is a crab rangoon.

Sigh. I'm probably going to have a can of Boyardee

What do you do with your delivery fees?

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