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I am on my first real vacation in a number of years. I flew to San Francisco on Friday and had an awesome weekend exploring. Today I'm supposed to be flying to Seattle to see my bestie. I got to SFO and breezed through security. About 10 minutes before the flight was supposed to take off, we still hadn't boarded and they announced a 2 hour delay. Someone after that, they cancelled the flight and didn't announce it. I was able to get rebooked on a later flight but it was much more complicated than it should have been. Customer service is not a familiar topic here. So I've been at the airport for 3 hours already with another 2 to go. Nothing wrong with drinking at an airport bar at 1pm, right?

ETA: I'm drinking a double gin & cranberry and munching on french fries. The bartender even wished me happy birthday when she ID'd me (it's tomorrow).


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