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This website shows the breakdown of Democrats vs Republicans in various occupations, such as military, various types of doctors and scientists, and other occupations. Just in case you were wondering, flight attendents tend to be Democrats (64:36), while pilots are more likely to be Republicans (38:62) I want to know who the tiny number of Republican union organizers (99:1)are.

her down on the site it groups occupations, but you can split them out. One I found interesting was “military” (40:60 overall ). Marines (21:79)and Air Force (21:79)tend to be much more Republican while Army (44:56)and Navy (46:54) are nearly evenly split. I wonder how the split plays into things like acceptance of LGBT+ individuals into the military and allowing women to have combat roles.


Another one I found interesting is that Farmers in general are mostly Republican (29:71), but Retired Farmers tend to shift toward being Democrats (55:45)

It’s kind of fun to look through this list and see some of the breakdowns (check out the various types of doctors, it’s a long but interesting one). What interesting things do you find?

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