According to Republicans, we women should be PISSED at the Democrats. They present us as marginalized victims. A real woman would take this as an insult. A real woman doesn't need help - and a real woman certainly would never accept help. A real woman doesn't let herself become marginalized. A real woman would never let those patronizing Democrats tell them they need help.

Somehow, they manage to blame the women themselves for needing help (yay victim blaming!), AND those willing to give help, all under the guise of being pro-woman. It's a blamestravaganza.

We all know what is going on: the Republicans are trying to further silence those women who do need help. They are trying to to push the actual victims out of the picture, so that other female voters can be outraged and vote Republican.

The scary part is that Republicans are great at this strategy. They are great at making more poor people feel that they are millionaires in waiting (kept from their potential by those nasty Democrats), and convincing them to vote against those people and policies who would help them. They are great at pitting one group of marginalized people against another (or, at least making one appear to be the villain). They are excellent at exploiting the voters' very personal weaknesses for their personal gain.

Women have no excuse not to succeed. Rand Paul knows women who are doing great!

The women in my family are doing great. That's what I see in all the statistics coming out. I have, you know, young women in my office that are the leading intellectual lights of our office. So I don't really see this, that there's some sort of war on women that's, you know, keeping women down. I see women doing great and I think we should extol that success and not dumb it down into a political campaign that somehow one party doesn't like women or that. I think that's what's happened. It's all been for political purposes.


You, women, should feel like shit. These jobs are out there, just WAITING to be had, yet here you are, waiting for handouts from Democrats. Aren't you insulted the Democrats think you can't get these jobs, that definitely exist, that definitely have maternity leave and benefits, and that definitely pay you as much as they might a man?

We all know the recent rage with Mike "Uncle Sugar" Huckabee, who points out how those horrible Democrats don't think women can control their libidos:

"If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of government then so be it! Let us take that discussion all across America because women are far more than the Democrats have played them to be," Huckabee said.


Because Democrats, god forbid, want to allow women to have libidos which (spoiler alert) they will have no matter what. And, of course, it's women who must control these libidos. Men's libidos don't make babies.

So here they are, turning the tables. Instead of being insulted that women are still at great disadvantages in our society (particularly poor women and women of color), and being insulted that women are basically being told that simply possessing any weakness is a weakness in and of itself for which we should blame only ourselves - we are presented with the alternative of blaming those who want to help us - because we shouldn't want help.

In the Slate article linked above, Dahlia Lithwick refers to this as the "Who you callin' a woman?" strategy. That's exactly right.


You play ball like a GIRL!

On a more micro level: a MAN is telling a woman that needing help makes her a weakling, but that he is not the one calling her that. The other person, OFFERING help is the one who is calling her that, apparently. The Democrat. The Republican is just pointing out that the help makes her weak, yet the Democrat actually giving the help is the name-caller.


They want the voters to vote against their own self interests, as always.