Someone shared this on FB:

So many questions: have I been possessed 22 times? By the same demon or multiple ones? Can more than one demon possess me at a time, or do they have to take turns? Maybe it's that i'm %22 more likely to be possessed. Thank God I was never really into heavy metal. I'm not a vegetarian but I eat meat sparingly- does this make me more or less likely to get possessed? Is meat possession-proofing for your intestines? What about chicken wyngz or Taco bell? They're like meat but not really. Do they count? I looked up Rosicrucianism, and it seemed so obscure that pairing it up with something like video games seems extra super duper silly. Is triforcing is bad too, or is it only bad because noobs can't do it? And is postmodernism only an opening to demonic posession because it may lead one to challenge the Bible's words (as well as your own ridiculous extrapolations of those words) as infallible truth?

How about y'all: how many times have you opened yourself to demonic possession? Got any questions you need cleared up? Does anybody here practice Rosicrucianism, or know someone who does? Do they sleep on the ceiling at night and projectile vomit and insult your guest's mother?

p.s. While I appreciate all sorts of respectful commentary, please note that I still ID as Catholic. If it gets too vicious I reserve the right to delete you.