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An interesting article but the first thing I thought was a) how much does the Church pay you and b) how much have you earned by promoting this. Follow the money folks.

Sorry I can understand when we had no idea about mental illness how it could be seen as demonic possession. Those that do not understand will use religion for answers.

We are past that stage. If you do not understand how a person can levitate, know secret stuff and speak different languages not known to them. How about a brain scan? How about deep investigation into their past.


Saying “oh they are possessed” to me is such a lazy diagnosis. Also when a patient is referred to by a priest yeah I susoect the mental illness could manifest itself with the patients religious beliefs and demonic possession. We still have vestiges in our society who believe cancer is Gods puñishment. Its not that hard to believe a patient linking manic depression with possession if they have a strong Catholic background and believes possession is real.

Anyone believe in possession?

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