Hello ladies!

Here's a lovely controversial issue to get the morning started. Denmark has decided to ban the production of halal and kosher meat in the country;


My understanding is that this will be a bit like the ban on foie gras production in the UK - there is no restrictions on selling the product or buying the product, but you cannot produce it in the country.

There has been strong pressure from animal rights activists on this issue for quite a while - both in the UK and in Denmark (and elsewhere, I should imagine). The reasons being put forward are, very simply, animal rights concerns. Halal and Kosher meat production are currently exempt from european union legislation which says that animals must be stunned before slaughter.

Predictably, various religious affiliations are claiming this is demonstrating religious intolerance and interference of religious practise - but I just don't buy that. There is absolutely nothing here about a complete ban on all halal and kosher products, which genuinely would constitute interference of religious practise. It just means that the products will have to be imported from a neighbouring EU country. Will the price go up? Maybe a little, but not much. There are no customs charges within the EU, and Denmark is connected to both Germany and Sweden (with Sweden the connection is via a very impressive bridge).


I am personally very strongly in favour of animal rights, and I don't hold much truck with religion overall, and especially not religious exemptions which allow deliberate infliction of pain on animals - so for me this is a welcome change.

A few people are getting in a tizz because Denmark also recently killed a male giraffe and fed it to a lion. I mean, that's kind of clutching at straws. Feeding a zoo animal to another zoo animal (and stunning it before slaughter), versus industrial scale slaughter of animals for consumption with no stunning. Wat.


Anyway, I get that this will be a sensitive issue. I won't apologise for being in favour of this ban on production, but that's nothing to do with the religions involved. And again, if the ban was on production or import of the product, then I couldn't support that due to freedom of religious practise.

What are your views?