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Dental Adventures--Part 2

TW: Dentist stuff, obviously

Part 1 Here


So, after my initial appointment back in Mid-March, yesterday I had the first set of extractions done. It was 4 teeth all on the left side of my mouth (2 upper, 2 lower). I think I handled it pretty well. They gave me a shot to numb the area, but no anxiety meds or anything. There was one point in the middle where I almost freaked out because it seemed like SUCH A LONG TIME, and like I would be there forever, but the feeling passed pretty quickly. The last tooth was hard to get out because it was closely associated with my wisdom tooth (which is staying in, at least for now). After the dentist finally got it out, she warned it would probably be really sore.

I went straight home and snuggled up in bed. As I started to get feeling back, it started to hurt a lot, despite icing my face and the Tylenol 3s she prescribed me. Then, I remembered that a bunch of people on my last post said anti-inflammatories were key. I took some ibuprofen, and felt a lot better. (Thanks barelylethal, oldwomanyellsatclods, and FridayFriday! If I could have hugged you last night I would have)


I'm at work today, and feeling mostly fine. My jaw is tender, but I've worked through much worse tooth pain before.

It's my husband's birthday tonight and I planned a birthday dinner with ~20 friends at Benihana (I didn't plan it this way, initially, my appointment was supposed to be last Friday, but it was moved because the computer system went down at the dentist office). I'm super sad that I'm not going to be able to eat anything!


Also, I've talked to my boss about the fact that I'll have many dentist appointments coming up, and I was also honest with a coworker about the nature of the work being done, and I'm feeling a lot better about life in general.

Thanks for all your support GT!

ETA:I forgot to mention, I'm super paranoid about getting a dry socket! I've been following all the rules, but I feel like when I try to swallow at all I make a little vacuum in my mouth. I'm scared I've disrupted the blood clots already! Please tell me I'll be OK! I've been trying to snarl my lips back when I swollow so there's no suction, but I look like a total weirdo.

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