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Denton on Jezebel

Notes from a memo sent this afternoon to the Gawker Media staff.


Another site to watch right now: Jezebel, where Emma Carmichael is making a strong start as editor-in-chief. (Many of you already know her from earlier stints at Deadspin and Gawker.)

The site's in excellent shape: Jessica, who will still write for the site from Chicago, quadrupled the site's audience in four years. Jezebel puts out stories you can't imagine anywhere else. This was one of my favorites last month, Erin Ryan's revelation that Miss America is a sorority bully.

But sites and people move on. Dodai is leaving to join Anna Holmes, Jezebel's founding editor, at Fusion; Tracie will helm a vertical at Vice. I'm glad that Jezebel has been such a launching pad. It will be too for the new writers Emma is bringing on. Three of her top talent picks are already on the site.


well now we know what Vice is up to with those Jezebel hires

September's big industry news was Vice raising $500m after Shane Smith's virtuoso seduction of the trade press and aging media moguls. The impact is direct: some of that investment is going on a new vertical for women to be run by departing Jezebel bloggers.

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