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Denton on Kinja

link. Excerpts below

On April 24, during an all-hands meeting at Gawker Media's SoHo headquarters, founder and publisher Nick Denton was extolling the virtues of Kinja, his proprietary publishing platform that allows readers to participate in the company's editorial sausage-making.

Kinja is essentially a next-level commenting system that breaks down the barriers between writer and reader by enabling the latter to drive conversations around stories on Gawker and its sister sites. That could mean surfacing tips to be reported and vetted in public. It could mean writing alternate headlines and display copy. Or even starting your own Kinja blog and curating the conversations that take place there.


All those porn gifs are soooo helpful

It's an open, crowd-sourced approach to journalism in which (ideally) commenters are as important as the bylines that appear on Gawker Media's eight publications. And Denton believes it's the future of media—or his media, at least.


We are all special! You. Even you. Especially you.

"Don't anyone deny to me that that is actually happening right now," he told the troops during that April meeting. "You can see examples every single freaking day. There are half-a-dozen of them. It's not even hard to find examples of discussions of stories that have been developed, of truths that have been uncovered, information that has been disseminated, tips that have been shared, and it's happening every single day. You're doing it. You're witnessing it yourselves. Like, open your eyes. You arewitnessinga new way of developing stories."


I want to see this version of Kinja.

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