Grump Cat picture first so this is the picture on the forum list.

A 69 year old woman who is using an oxygen tank was punched in the face at a Trump rally. This is elder abuse, not sure if the state has elder abuse laws but ut should.


So let’s see in five days a

A probable Trump supporter set a woman wearing what was appeared to be Muslim garb on fire.

A Trump supporter attacked two Muslim women along with an infant.

This article has both these stories…

Plus a Mosque was set on fire in Florida. In NH a mosque with people inside had rocks thrown through the window. Either Trump supporters or galvanized by hatred that Trump exudes like sweat on a hot day.


Hillary “half a basket of deplorables” may have been brilliant in retrospect. Now the media will be asking “is this a deplorable person” is “that act deplorable” for each incident to Conway, Pierson and Stone along with other supporters.

These incidences are quickly escalating, a death is almost certain.