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Depo-ing while traveling

I’ve been on depo provera for a few years and I freaking love it. I only have to think about it 4 times a year and there’s little room for human error. Which I’m less worried about now that I’m more settled and having a kid wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. But in college, hoo boy, was that important to me. The only time it can get a bit difficult is while traveling.

I’m currently traveling for two and a half months, so it’s not surprising that I would have to get an injection at some point during my travels. At least it was in the month I’m in Israel with tons of family, instead of during one of my very tourist-y weeks elsewhere. I usually just go into the health center at my university (that’s another thing, I’m going to have to find a real doctor soon, and I have zero idea how to do that) and a nurse gives me the shot. Since I was traveling, my doctor got me a prescription to take it with me. Last time I’d had to do this internationally, they’d given me a vial and I’d had to take it to a local doctor to get it injected. So my family and I spent all day today looking for a doctor that would agree to see a foreigner with no Israeli insurance. We finally found somebody, at which point we discovered that this time they’d actually given me a needle with my prescription this time, and I hadn’t needed a doctor at all. So my first aid-trained uncle gave me my shot and all was well.


On a side note, I’ve been starting to think about going off depo at some point. Although I love it, it does take two years to get back to full fertility, and while I don’t plan on having a kid in the next two years, I figure I should at least start thinking about when I want to go off it. I tried googling “going off of depo provera” and it was kind of terrifying. I don’t think most of it was scientifically sound (for example, people complaining that it permanently ruined their fertility because they were super fertile at 20 years old, and then used it for 15 years, and CLEARLY BECAUSE OF THE DEPO, they are suddenly less fertile), but damn, I wish I could get some actual info without a bunch of fear-mongering.

Also, I am not looking forward to getting periods again. I used to get awful periods and had barely gotten the hang of not like staining my pants because I was bleeding so damn much or my period wasn’t 100% predictable after 9 years of perioding before the depo. I feel like I'm going to feel like a damn pre-teen again, trying to get used to the whole thing.

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