This is an inane post, sorry.

When looking for used things, I sometimes get frustrated or amused that some people either have never heard of the concept of depreciation of value or just don't accept that it exists. This is something that super exists if it's something that children have shat in or on repeatedly. Example: used washable diapers can still be sold for cash but if they have shit stains on them and have gone through several children, they simply are not $5 off retail price from 8 years ago. Get real. Also, bleach that shit, it's disgusting to offer in that condition.

"Wood" furniture that consists mainly of superglue and can barely hold books should not cost almost what you paid for it at Walmart.

I'm a little cheap, that's why most of my things are used - but I'm also realistic. Nicer stuff is going to cost more and stuff stained with feces/urine or barely passable 'wood' is simply not sellable at almost retail prices.