Yep, it's one of those posts. I'm just having a rough go of it lately, feeling an insane amount of pressure in being the main/sole-ish breadwinner in the Waffle house. I want a house, and a dog, and Mr. Waffle wants to move across the country. We don't have the money to move across the country. We don't have the money for a house, either, but what upsets me is his reluctance to find work here because he wants to do it (altogether now) across the country.

He had the interview and job offer in Iowa, but turned it down. He was called for an interview in Portland for tomorrow morning, but turned it down (plane tickets cost money, did you know that?), and he's waiting to hear on an interview in Berkeley, CA, which apparently would be his dream job. Thing is, he's really shitty at holding down jobs, so I'm not real stoked about the idea of leaving my job to move across the damn country and have to depend on him. We've tried that before, it didn't work.

However, I hate my job. I want to quit, but I make so much more money right now than I'm sure I'd get at another job. And if Mr. Waffle won't find work here, how can I leave my job and him expect that we'd be able to save for a house/cross-county move?

I'm sorry, I'm so tired and angry and sad. I feel like I wait and wait and wait for the things I want, and I get really tired of screaming and crying to ask for the things I want because nobody cares enough to ask. Bleh.