This writer has made a point I have also been making for years. Yet he makes a faulty argument on one level. Television audience is so fractured that those who watch Swamp People, Big Brother are just not that large especially when compared to what individual shows had ratings for 30 years ago.I am also not sure if you can discount the internet. Sure History Channel no longer does WW2 shows but there is an abundance of material and videos on the internet about WW2. Same with Yangtze treasuees.

20 years ago actually probably even 2000 I would agree “you are what you watch on tv”. I think you could make argument “you are what you google” today.

He has good points but tv is no longer the end all and be all for home entertainment and learning.

TV being the end all and be all for home entertainment is his argument why Trump will win.


Its a good article regardless.