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Depressing - Name changing

A second post shortly after another, but completely different topic.

As part of wedding planning, I've been looking through forums to get ideas for the wedding, for recommendations and reviews of caterers, photographers...etc.

There is a forum where people are discussing name changing and it is SO DEPRESSING. Something like 80% of the women there are saying that they are changing their name, and they never even thought about it. Like, I can completely get behind people wanting to change their names - that's a personal choice. But to change your last name without even thinking about it really freaks me out. I mean...it's 2014. It's still not the norm, but plenty of people keep their names, or go double barrelled or whatever. People should by now at least be AWARE that alternatives exist, and weigh up their preferences before making a choice.


Jesus. A couple of women even said that their husband's specifically said they wouldn't marry them if they didn't change their name, and they were sad to lose it.


I've talked about this with Mr Kay Kay and I've been clear since the get go that I'm not changing my name completely. I could accept - maybe - double barrelling it, and doing the same for any potential kids. He gives zero fucks. As should any groom.

Even for the children I am confident we could have a rational conversation about what their last name is without any sort of ridiculous presumptions.


EDITED TO ADD: I just asked my mum what her and dad think I will do about my last name (on an e-mail chain of about 300 e-mails on wedding stuff). Her response?


"what are you talking about"

Classic mum.

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