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Depression and Jam

So I've been having a very difficult couple of weeks — just general depression and a lot of significant other fights. We are working on things, getting some professional help, etc. (There's no real rhyme or reason to this; I have a history of it but it hasn't been bad like this in a very long time.) At the same time, my garden has yielded eleventy billion veggies and fruits and I have been making a lot of jam.

I started to think today that I know a lot of people who are struggling, and after I went for a run, which usually cheers me right up, and still felt the underlying sadness, I put a post on Facebook that basically said: My life is excellent and I know that, and yet right now I'm struggling, so if you're struggling too, how about I give you some jam?


So tonight I have about eight friends and relatives who are going to trade me for jam — foraged mushrooms, cheer-up mix CDs, and their own canning. I also suddenly have a lot of people who are suggesting concrete plans to get together (as opposed to "Let me know if you need anything"). And I got a lot of messages that surprised me, and made me realize how many great people I know — and how many of them have struggles like this every day.

I'm just sharing because, while I am not magically 100% better, now I feel really purposeful and good, and I'm looking forward to packaging up and sharing the bounty. And it feels good. And when you reach out, wow — people really do care.

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