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Depression coping mechanisms. TW mention of body image stuff

First of all, I’ve made a doctor’s appointment for next week, so hopefully I’ll be off Abilify soon. For those who didn’t see, my therapist thinks that it caused my weight gain, which explains why I haven’t seen any changes despite going to the gym 3+ times a week. Right now Abilify is triggering some pretty awful anxiety in these disordered eating/body image issues, so I’d like to try going off of it.

The thing about this drug is that it has worked for me; it’s made me feel better, though I’ve only been on it through the winter. So I’m trying to prepare by planning other coping mechanisms for my depression/anxiety. I plan to keep up going to the gym, because the endorphins do wonders for me; but I’m also trying an app that guides you through 10-minute meditation sessions. I just did mine on my lunch hour and I actually feel fairly refreshed—a little drowsy (that’s ALWAYS been a problem for me in the afternoons), but also decently focused and calm.


Has anyone found success in meditation for mood disorders? I’m notoriously ADHD so my brain can wander quite a bit, but I’m doing my best. Time will tell if there’s a benefit.

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