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Does anyone here suffer from waves of low-level depression? I don’t mean (or at least I don’t think that it’s) clinical depression, but rather just a wave that comes over you for no reason for a day or a few hours? It’s deeper than the just “the blues.”

I’m having a day like that. I overslept a little, but since I don’t have a “job” job—I work for myself out of a coworking space—that presented no problem. Today, however, I just have a sense of...waste. Nothing seems good.

And the hell of it is that there’s no rational explanation for why I should feel this way. Like most families, mine is a little stretched for money, but that’s an everyday thing. Yesterday was good, the day before was good, the weather is fine, I could even ride my bike to work, I have clients (though none coming in today). Things just sort of suck.


Fortunately, for me, this happens pretty rarely—no more often than once a month.

I’m wondering, though, whether it’s a common experience. Anyone else get this kind of thing?

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