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I was trying to get my ex-husband to commit to either pay some child support or take our son for some extra time each week, when our conversation was derailed by him bringing up SJWs and me going off on a feminist rant.

In retrospect I’m not sure how we got there, conversationally speaking. My eyes rolled so hard when he said “SJW” that I must have dislodged the memories from the previous few minutes. We were waiting for our son to get out of his therapy appointment. It’s a convenient place to do the hand-off, but it’s also a contributing factor in my needing more time to myself.

Last fall when he lost his job, I told him not to worry about child support for a while. I was sure that he’d get a new job pretty quickly, and it’s nice to build up some good will. Unfortunately he hasn’t found a new job yet, and seems less and less likely to in the near future. On top of that our son is being home-schooled at the moment (anxiety-related), and wants me to drop him at his appointment and then wants to come home from his dad’s house earlier and earlier.


I don’t think the ex brought up the term SJW to derail me purposely. He seemed genuinely surprised that I would support “one of those trolls,” and their “ad-hominem attacks.” He’s not anti-feminism per se, he just thinks “people should work within the system to change things.” That’s when I went off about societal inequality, cultural biases, pay inequities, women in stem, and whatever. I definitely gave him a powerful button to push in the future. And we didn’t come to a solution about a more equitable time/money situation either.

Score: Ex 3, Mommet 0

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