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So. About 6 years ago, Albuquerque got a flat track roller derby league. I was gearing up to join when I found out I was pregnant with Judy. So. No derby for me. 6 months later we moved from Albuquerque to the Four Corners region (which I often refer to as the prairie due to its lack of things I miss from Albuquerque). We lived here for a few years, and I became pregnant with Edie. Towards the end of my pregnancy, High Desert Derby started up. About 3 months post-partum I decided to try out for derby.

After two practices, this happened.


I was off my feet for several months and after recovering I was afraid to try skating again. Then when I was thinking about starting up again, the league disbanded. Several months passed, and a new league popped up. Now, I'm wanting to try again, but I'm out of shape (a lot). Tonight they're doing a meet-and-greet at a local bar.

Should I go, or has the universe decided derby isn't for me?

Also, any skaters have any tips or stories to share, have at it.

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