Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Has anyone here used tretonin/Retin-A for acne? I started recently and omfgdm my face is itchy and irritated. I'm only using it once every couple of nights and still I want to scratch my face off. I would like to know it's worth it. Or tell me horrible things about your experience, commiseration/cautionary tales are welcome, too. I mostly just want to complain about my itchy itchy face and how much I want to scratch it and about how very itchy my face is. Did I mention my face is itchy?

As an aside, I was thinking that I had actually noticed less men noticing me since my recent skin issues started (last 2-3 months). Buuuuuut then I realized that pretty much coincided with me deciding I didn't want any attention and mostly just want strangers to stay the hell away from me (more or less) so I haven't been my usual shiny/happy/charming self. Soooooo it worked! Hopefully I'll remember how to turn that back on when I decide that it's ok for strangers to start thinking that I might be a nice person to talk at/to.


I'm also into turning this into a dermatological complaint free for all. Complaining rules.

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