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Descartes said 'the sky's the limit'

So, I'm sitting here, watching The Bachelorette (judge away! There are no new free RHONY/RHOC episodes this morning and I need my fix) when I hear something hilarious.

During one of the talking heads, I hear one of the guys say, "Descartes said 'the sky's the limit.'"


Record scratch! Whuh-whuh-whuh-whuh-what?! A contestant on The Bachelorette is quoting Descartes? Like, he just had a Descartes quote tucked away for use on a reality TV show? Or, like, he just quotes Descartes in his regular, ol' daily life?!

But then, I think, Hey! Descartes didn't fucking say "the sky's the limit." I'm not a philosophy major but I know who Descartes is and there's no fucking way he said "the sky's the limit." No real philosopher said that!

Then I think about it for, like, .83 seconds. I'm watching The Bachelorette. This guy's not quoting Descartes.

Another .42 seconds goes by.

Oh. He said "date card." That makes much more sense.

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