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Describe your ideal house

In your dream world, what would your dwelling be like?

This is the house from the movie Chloe, and I want to live in there. In my ideal house, this house also has a beautiful garden in the back, with a matching greenhouse for my exotic plants. The upper most level of the house would have all of my aerial and pole rigging in it, along with mirrored walls and a ballet bar. The kitchen would of course be stainless steel with a granite bar in the middle that has a built in griddle. I'd also have a shed with a skylight where I can do all of my DIY furniture refinishing and other messy projects. And one room would be devoted to a sewing machine and have racks on the walls that stick out so it would be like a giant walk in closet/personal design studio. And the bathroom would be some variation of this:


Your turn! Feel free to describe solely in photos, I feel like drooling over beautiful architecture and design.

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