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Today is clearly a very slow day at work as we just spent 25 minutes talking about the famous BBC Radio show Desert Island Discs. How some politicians and other celebrities show themselves to be people with zero taste or who just don’t like music. Gordon Ramsey selected Coldplay’s Yellow showing himself to be “the bastard we all knew he was” as one colleague put it.

So what would you Desert Island Discs be? The rules are 8 songs for the rest of your life (one which if pressed would be your only piece of music), a book and a luxery item.

I can’t even begin to start unpacking what I’d want, I think it’s an hours long exercise but I think the one I know would be on there would be Talk to Me of Mendocino by Kate and Anna McGarrigle as it may be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fcBEGjK3cM



The best song off the first album where I listened to it and fell deeply in love with a band. It was a love that lasted a long time, I will fight anyone who tries to tell me Weezer’s first 3 albums are not perfection.

I’d definitely have an Ella Fitzgerald song, something from West Side Story as it has huge personal importance to me and probably something by the Strokes or Maximo Park to remind me of being 17 in a sweaty indie club dancing as hard as I possibly could.

What would you take?

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