So I made a dumb decision and decided I'd cover my big red bookshelves in contact paper and then stencil over them. I'm halfway through the covering process, and I've decided to say fuck it and I'm gonna buy paint this weekend. Problem is it's winter which means I can't paint in my garage, and painting in my apartment means trying to block off an entire area from the pup so he doesn't go wrecking my work. Any solutions?

Also, informal poll: I don't have any personal photos I want to put up, but I need to do something with the big beige space behind my TV. Would it be weird to use old timey photos of people I don't know? I love historic photos, in particular the ones of circus acrobats or just photos of people who look fun. I've been digging through the Shorpy website because they have some beautiful pieces, but is it weird to put up impersonal photography?

Finally, it's been bugging me forever now that I had a clear vision for every room in my place except for my bedroom. But I think I've finally come up with how I want it to look! I'm thinking of basing the aesthetic around this series:

For those unfamiliar, Griffin & Sabine is an interactive book series about a postcard artist and a stamp artist who start up a correspondence and fall in love. The whole series involves opening up their mail and reading their letters and notes to each other. I'll have to reread the books in order to figure out what art pieces I want to pull from it.

Bonus design piece: after a few jokes back and forth with the fella, I've decided I need to find old copies of Penthouse so I can frame the ridiculously fake letters to the editor and put them on the bathroom walls.