I’ve spent the last 2 weeks dealing with BOTH my period (yes, 2-weeks...my uterus problems continue to plague me) and a cold sore.

I also only get paid once a month, loaned my parents a massive amount of money, and am trying to save for a down payment on a house.

What are the TWO things I want to do most right now? To have lots of sex—because my new sex buddy is spectaculary at both kissing and cunnilingus—and go shopping, because I’m sick of wearing the same 6 outfits week after week.

I am all healed and no longer bleeding, but the sex buddy has an active social life, so I cannot even take advantage of finally not feeling like a gross, gross person. And shopping...gah. Want, but don’t feel like I can justify. SO DESPERATELY WANT TO BUY NEW CLOTHES.