Yesterday I spoke to you about the problem haunting my life β€” that being my ghost-white skin (see what I did there? It was a pun. I'm sorry).

Well, I went to Sephora yesterday and they used the magic foundation machine on me. Now, I don't know if it was broken or if they accidentally gave me someone else's profile, but it matched me with warm mediums, which if you have a look at my skin in the previous post is... not right, to say the least. Sorry, magic machine.

Anyway β€” they didn't have the amazing "white foundation" mixers that so many people recommended β€” they didn't have any Illamasqua at all, actually (boo, Vancouver). Which was a bummer, but many people were recommending Tarte as having a fairly generous shade range, especially where fellow ghosties were concerned. So I had a look and I know I said I wanted a liquid, but the siren's call of the powder was too strong.

So I got the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Powder foundation that iteatsyoustartingwithyourbottom recommended way back in October. It is nice. I like it. It doesn't give you "powder face" and it's quite a natural, light-to-medium coverage (even though it claims to be "full"). I got "Fair Honey," which sounds "warm" but isn't really. It also looked "sparkly" when I swatched it on my arm but there's no hint of shimmer or glitter on my face.


I didn't get the matching Airbuki brush because the lady at Sephora said that they hadn't had it reliably back in stock for like 6 months, but she showed me one from Too Faced that's retractable so you can decide how concentrated you want the coverage to be. She said the Airbuki had a tendency to really pack on the powder in a way that could potentially make it look "cake-y" if you weren't careful.

Anyway β€” I like it so far (it's been about 4 hours). I can't feel it at all, it's not creasing. Definitely not full-coverage, as I mentioned, but did even me out and I don't look orange-y. It passed the pores and finger test and has mitigated the weird pink face/white neck conundrum I've always had.


Anyway, thank you guys again for the recommendations. And please share any recent purchases/recommendations/questions here! Makeup post?