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Despite Pantsfeelings, I think I have to let him go.

Hi Groupstink! I've been mostly lurking for a bit since I haven't had the time to properly chat / maintain a post / conversation thingy. But remember my wonderful date with the man who gave me Pantsfeelings? I have been seeing him ever since, but I've been thinking about letting him go.

You guise. The sex is GREAT! He is an amazing cuddler who loves to squeeze and pet and appreciate every square inch of me! He is really sweet! He brings me little things: tomatoes from his garden; wildflowers he picked; a box of chocolates because I'd never heard of a chocolate called "sea foam" before; a SAD-combating light. He likes to fix stuff for me! A lot! He calls it "boyfriend duty."


OK, but. But, but, but. Sometimes I run out of stuff to say to him, because he doesn't like to talk about serious stuff. He seems to have no curiosity about my films / jobs / history. Sometimes he talks and talks and talks and it's too loud and hurts my wee ears. Sometimes when he comes over, I wish he would leave sooner the next day. I feel like a horrible person for writing that! Horrible!

Then, this weekend, we were cuddling after some awesome secks and he said, "Let me know if you decide to keep me." Like, does he mean marriage? My heart sank, and I thought, ok, I probably need to let him go. It makes me sad. He is so sweet, guys.

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