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Destroyer series, very funny series (minus first few)

A novel series dating back to circa 1970 about a former cop Remo Williams, series (list of books) Chuin the master of Sinanju (North Korean) and Dr Smith their "boss" and head of CURE a top secret organization of just those 3. Exceedingly funny novels. The first few are serious but then Warren/Sapir decides to turn the series into a spoof. I started with book 116 and that book is connected to 119. They are about Hollywood and Chuin at his best (or worst) 119 is great. They made a movie with Joel Grey as Chuin, horrible casting. Fred Ward as Remo was kinda good casting. Back in the mid2000s I read about 100 in a year. Harlequin was the main publisher but a contract dispute and Warren left. This was Harlequin's Gold Eagle label which publishes the Executioner series, Deathlands and a few others.


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