Detective Conan-The longest running detective series, perhaps.

Because I'm a villain, I follow no rules. Here, I bring you a Hero, in villain week. Because #%$%&&#@%#^& rules.

You can get all the info and other jazz, here. And here. Anime info here.<β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”These are wikis with info on Detective Conan.

Want to start the pure way and read the manga first? Start here.

Want to watch the anime? Come here.

This series started in the 90s. Basically, Shinichi is a high school detective. Great at football(soccer for you Americans), and solving cases. Has a kickass(literally) best friend Ran, who he loves, secretly. Then one day he gets hit in the head by the some of the main antagonists, and is given an experimental poison which shrinks his body into that of a child. He then begins living with Ran and her father, who is a detective, in the hope of finding a clue on how it all happened.

Ridiculous? Yes. Get past that, and it's brilliant. Like, fuck modern cop shows. They have nothing on this shit.

Growing up with my aunt in Japan(I lived there sometimes), during the afternoon I'd watch old movies bloody movies on this channel that I can't recall anymore(it had a green logo?), and around the later part of the afternoon, this and other cartoons would come on. I'd watch them while my aunt took a nap throughout, until the evening. It was FUUUUUUN :D.

I'll introduce you guys to Detective Kendaichi next. It's the precursor to this series, another brilliant work of art.