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I acquired a Deva Curl no-poo set recently, and I decided to give it a try. So ~3 weeks ago I gave my hair one last regular shampoo, and then went cold turkey. I use the cleanser ~once a week (same as my old shampooing regimen), and the conditioner ~every other day. I’ve only used the micro fiber towel, and I have not put anything else in my hair, though I’ve added more conditioner (with wet hands) to calm some frizz/bring back curls when I need to look presentable. I’m committed to trying it for 6 weeks (or until the conditioner bottle runs out), but I have to say I’m pretty underwhelmed. I have no idea if it’s working, or even what “working” constitutes. So people who have used Deva curl (or just gone no-poo) am I still in the adjustment phase? Should I stick it out?

Some background on my hair - it’s really, really curly. Like, ringlets that range from .5-.75 inch inside diameter. It seems to be getting tighter/curlier as I age. Pre-Deva curl, I washed it once a week, used a no-frills moisturizing conditioner whenever I got it wet, used a curl cream (I have liked moroccan oil and verb because they feel soft, but have been known to just use hand lotion in a pinch), and let it air dry. My hair looked noticeably better mid week, after it had some oil weighing it down, which is why I thought I would try the deva curl stuff. The top layer of hair (from the crown of my head, and near my face) is really dry and rough (my hair dresser commented on how dry this hair is), and it gets frizzy. The rest of my fair is totally soft and super curly (I wish it were less so). Previously I used the curl creams to get a handle on these dry top parts (and they do that well, at least for a day or so). I don’t know why they are dry/frizzy, but I’ve always assumed it had something to do with breakage, exposure to the elements, putting it up in pony tails, or rubbing against my pillow at night (I have massive morning frizz because apparently I grind my head into the pillow all night). But then I was thinking that maybe the regular shampoos were the cause. My hair dresser (who also has curly hair, and specializes in curly hair, and does not like deva curl products) said that she washes her hair once a week with normal shampoo, puts in curl cream, diffuses it, and her curls hold all week (and they appear to - she always looks great). Does she sleep sitting up? Mine are a mess in the morning. I have to re-wet it or put it up.

So I don’t know what I’m expecting here with the deva curl products, but I guess it would be fixing the dry frizzy bits. That has not happened yet. I feel like I have less control over my hair than I previously did without the crutch of curl cream, and using too much/leaving in the deva curl conditioner makes it look really greasy. I’ve been having this weird problem where it dries really flat on top, and I can assure you volume has never been an issue for me before. I’ve just been wearing it up a lot because it is either too triangular (flat top, too curly on the bottom) or a mess. My commitment is wavering...

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