Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I slept like 1.5 hours last night and I am on some sort of adrenaline high. My husband and I have been talking strategy and searching for silver linings all evening.

  • Louisiana has an outside chance of electing a Democrat in our runoff election for Senate on December 10th. He is a not the most liberal, but that’s how we make ‘em in Louisiana. Importantly, he is for Equal Pay, the ACA, and is a fairly strong supporter of Coastal Restoration. He is also a strong supporter of survivors of domestic violence. MORE importantly, he can help act as a check on Trump’s congress. To learn more about him and donate to his campaign, click here. My husband and I are going full force for him. I hope you will consider putting some resources forth for it.
  • My husband wants us all to try to ignore national politics for a minute and focus on making things better in our own communities. This sounds pretty sugar-coated, but it’s the best we can do.
  • The ACLU is ready for action. Consider making recurring donations to them.
  • Donate far and wide to Planned Parenthood and other women’s organizations.
  • We can turn this ship around in 2018. I know we can. We need the same (if not more) fury that the Tea Party had. We need to organize and be smart. We need Democrats in the entire country to view the competitive races as their own. There will be seats in very red states that Democrats will be needing to defend; we need to help them. (Much of that article is moot now with the election, but the races are still the same). We all saw that popular vote in so many states was so close. These things are possible. We need to band together and support women, minorities, and other liberals across the country. Is there ever a coordinated effort to do this? To raise for candidates on a wide scale, and try to drive turnout?
  • A Supreme Court WITH Antonin Scalia legalized same sex marriage and ruled the ACA constitutional. One justice vacancy may not mean doomsday. Ruth, if you can hold out two more years, I promise we’re coming for you.

I’m not going to fucking roll over. I am disillusioned but I’m angry.

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