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Devereux Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hello guys, I know that we are being bombarded with lots of different requests for our money to help with hurricane relief. If you’re looking for a way to help out, but aren’t sure where the money is going to go, this might be one way to be sure that your money is going to help vulnerable people in need.

I work for Devereux, a nation-wide mental health organization that works primarily with children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (we also do some work with youth with emotional and behavioral challenges). I don’t consider this too doxxy since we are in multiple states. Anyway, one of our states is Texas and we had to evacuate both clients and staff.

I’m extremely concerned about our staff down there. These are not easy jobs. They probably should be paid more. For many people, it’s a labor of love. You work every day with people with diverse needs and potentially challenging behavior because you’re able to see their strengths and positive qualities (which are in abundance). And now these diligent caretakers have lost their homes and they’re the ones who need help.


If you’re able to help out in any way, even by spreading the word, that would be much appreciated. And if you know of other causes that need attention, then it’s perfectly fine to post about it below. This is one of those times that humanity needs to band together and lend each other their helping hands.

Devereux Hurricane Harvey Relief

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