Has anyone been watching Devious Maids? I've watched it all summer and I LOVE THIS SHIT. It is the perfect match for Lifetime in terms of over the top campy content.

It's basically the exact same show as Desperate Housewives, but the leads are of a different economic and ethnic background. I LOVE Ana Ortiz in this. I've missed her from Ugly Betty.

It's also surprisingly... not even vaguely as offensive as people assumed it would be. If anything it goes a little too heavily in the other direction, by making the wealthy white employers overly racist and classist. I'm not offended by that portrayal, I just think it's so extreme as to be a distraction. I'd like to hope that no one is that bad in real life.

Susan Lucci is AMAZING and hilarious as an older, wealthy and slightly dim-witted divorcée, and Rebecca Wisocky is DIVINE as the bitchy Evelyn Powell. I'm not surprised she seems to get typecast in that role so often. She does it spectacularly. Never misses a beat. I love her despite how terrible her character is.


What did you guys think?