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So the fam and I went to see Dhoom 3 tonight. We've been seeing previews and ads for the movie since we moved to PK — for those of you not up on what's coming out of Bollywood, Dhoom 3 was kinda a big deal release. (They are not showing any other adult movies at the local theater this week at all. It's just back to back showings of Dhoom.)

It's a solidly enjoyable film, especially if you're not particularly interested in things like 'physics' or 'plot coherency'. There are motorcycle duels. Circus tricks. Some really good song and dance sequences. But really, I just wanted to talk about this:


I know Aamir Khan is a big deal movie star. I've seen him in plenty of other things. But I was always sort of meh on him. I'd like to retract my 'meh' and substitute a 'boy-howdy'. He can come hang out at my place in his little hat and his shirtless vests anytime.

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