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Welcome To The Bitchery

Do I have mono?

It started last week Monday, so 11 days ago. I was traveling for work, so I didn't have a thermometer or anything but I felt feverish and achy and just insanely miserable. After a day of that, I starting downing a handful of ibuprofen every few hours to get through the conference I was attending. If I went to long without it the body aches, fatigue and general fever-ish-ness would drive me insane. During this time I did get headaches, but I always get headaches. Unlike my normal headaches the ibuprofen seemed to actually work on these headaches.

Since I returned from the conference I am still getting headaches almost every day (that aren't my normal migraines) but I thought maybe it's because I just started a diet. I have also been sleeping 10-12 hours a night but I thought that was just the depression. The only thing I can't explain away is that my throat still hurts BAD. So bad. Like, it feels like there are weeping wounds inside my throat and I dread swallowing. I don't really know if my lymph nodes are swollen...maybe a little bit? Is it maybe strep throat? Could that make my throat hurt this much for this long?

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