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Diapers Are Not Being Changed For These Toddlers In American Internment Facilities For Children? Is This True?

I was watching Nicole Wallace’s show on MSNBC and Jay Saboroff (sp?) wh9 has been doing an excellent job covering this story. He told Nicole that children are not being comforted a woman was going to hold a crying toddler for comfort but was told these children could not be touched. Jay then stated diapers are not being changed.

I get there is a fear of pedophiles gaining access but good god let’s not assume all holding of toddlers to comfort them is for an illicit purpose.

Republicans who stay silent and do nothing are damned for all time especially when this era is written about. So aren’t their voters and those who stayed home or voted third party.


History and future generations will not be kind to this era.

Also Trump’s cabinet for staying in will not be forgiven either. Of course if one quits (only the first one) over this they could have a good career, maybe. I am surprised Linda McMahon is still around, quitting in protest could do her well if she decides to run again in Conn. for Senator. So far she seems controversy free unless I missed it.

I am just so angry and sickened how easily we slipped into NeoNazism. Children will die frm.heat stroke and infections from not changing diapers. Although maybe HHS wants these toddlers to die. Sessions was already complaining about the cost of these children.


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