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Dick Tracy's Artist and Writer Chester Gould Oh God This Is So Racist

At the fleamarket today I found a box of 25 cent comics. Ten were Dick Tracy Monthly. They were published by Blackthorne Comics. I will google later if they are still around.

Anyways I bought all 10 for $2.50. They are all reprints of the Chester Gould Dick Tracy comic strip. He was overall a good artist I liked his use of realism for the characters and well the villians are over the top ugly.

Yet with his sense of realism for Mary and other nonvillians his portrayal of an African American Doorman is so blatant in its racism that it seems straight from a ministral show.


There is no doubt Chester knew African Americans so portraying them realistically is something he was fully capable of doing. Yet he chose the racist minstral route.

I know it was 1940 but the fact he knew what an African American man looks like but chose this route shows incredible racism. I am not accepting “he reflected the times argument” this was a deliberate portrayal.

The pity is the story was excellent yet this racism completely ruined it.

Also calling a grown woman “girl”. Give me a break.

Also I do not think amnesia is that easy to happen and cure. Hit on head causes it, hit on head cures it.


Also would a bullet really bounce off the microphone?


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