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Dick Van Patten died I am sad

Unless I missed it no one posted about his death. I loved him as Mr Bradford. I loved Eight Is Enough as a child. Yes the show is dated oddly more so then Brady Bunch which had kitch and a rather odd family living in their own world. EIE yes was a comedy but tried to be topical. I so much wanted to have them as siblings well the youngest son was a brat. Mr Bradford at times was clueless but always tried to connect. I am not a parent but he would have been a good role model.

Dick also played as a son in the show Mama one of the first shows. He was also the lovable but clueless dad/ ruler on Spaceballs. He also gave us the eternal lesson of not making ones password 12345.

I will miss him.

I assume all fans of EIE has read the book show is based on by the journalist Tom Braden. If not read it. Very entertaining. Although he was a suspicious father. In the book he wrote that if you are in a restaurant with your kids and they either go to the bathroom a lot or spend too much time most likely they are smoking or doing drugs.


Farewell Mr Bradford aka Dick Van Patten.

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