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Dickbags using Jo Cox

I’m sad about Jo Cox. Now they’re saying her murderer had ties to neo-Nazis. Quelle surprise! Of course, plenty of rational Americans fucking idiots are using this as proof that gun control doesn’t work. And when you present them with a statistic, like any of the ones posted below, they still seem to argue that because it can’t ever be zero, somehow it’s not worth an effort? Or, I dunno. Their logic gets fuzzy.

I totally get a lot of the arguments for guns, I really do. I live in a dangerous city and it has certainly crossed my mind to get one.* But this? Just flat out ignoring all statistics? Come on.

I hope you guys are all hanging in there. I hope you Brits are ok right now. I hope you LGBTQ+ are ok right now. I hope you Latin@s are ok right now. I hope you other POCs who see your people get murdered by the state are ok right now. I hope all the rest of you who, like me, are only a stander-by, are ok too.


*Well, then I remember how statistically it will probably get used to murder me.

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