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Dickie, have you taken a CPR Class?

I was at the gym this morning and watched a CNN round panel where professional smegma Rick Santorum said that teenagers shouldn’t expect politicians to fix the gun problems for them and that they need to take responsibility for the gun violence problem, too. When pressed by the CNN anchor that they were stepping up and proactively doing things, he condescendingly dismissed their activism.

Santorum literally suggested they should take CPR classes.

I guess they can leverage that CPR to keep a classmate alive after they’ve been shot. Or does douchewagon think chess compressions can stop bullets?


1. Fuck him.

2. Re: expect politicians to fix problems with a law. Umm, yes. That is the purposed of politicians, to pass laws. Saying that high schoolers who aren’t even old enough to drive should be proactive instead is disingenuous. Also, the NRA mouthpieces like to say they should just let the adults solve the problem, so get your bullshit talking points correct.

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