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Did American Girl steal a scientists likeness?

Here’s the story. This astronomer, Lucianne Walkowicz, is suing AG, claiming that their doll Luciana Vega, a doll with the story of aspiring to be an astronaut who wants to go to Mars, is based off of her.

The similarities are the name, the fact that Dr. Walkowicz has given TED talks that mention Mars and Vega, and details about her appearance.


I’m not sure what to think. On one hand, there are the similarities of the name, and since Dr. Walkowicz has a high public profile, there’s definitely a possibility that intentionally or unintentionally, her talks might have influence the designers of the doll.

On the other hand... the details of her appearance are what make me question it. The similarities are dark hair, a purple streak, a space-themed dress, and holographic shoes. In the lawsuit Dr. Walkowicz claims that AG ripped off these elements of her personal style and image.


But... it seems like the doll is intended to be Latina. And style choices like a colored streaks and space-themed dresses are incredibly popular among female scientists. With very little effort, I could dress up like this doll, meeting every element but the shoes—and I *kn0w* the real-life pair of shoes they are based on, because they are a pair of Doc Martens I wanted, but talked myself out of buying because they were expensive and not practical. It’s not a unique style, but one that’s fairly cliche at this point because it’s so common.


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