I got a reminder on my phone (love that function, I would never remember anything ever without it) while out for coffee Sunday morning so I headed over to take a look. I grabbed a few things figuring I'd keep anything cute. It was kind of uninspiring. I decided to keep the one bag I found and a pair of sweats. I grabbed the Boom sweatshirt but...I kind of feel stupid wearing it. I try to avoid buying cheap bags because I never keep them and I figure it's better to just save up for a nice one. But, it's pretty cute and I figure it's good to lug work around.

Did any of you get anything or take a look? The woman at the checkout said people were lined up hours before the store opened, and of course were grabbing 4, 6, 8 bags to resell. Which is 1) annoying and 2) not really a viable option these days, as everyone does it. Bad shopping karma, I say.