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I’m a bit surprised that Jezebel hasn’t posted anything about this. But then again, maybe not, as Gawker Media is pretty US-centric.

Here in Australia, we have a morning TV program called Sunrise, and it handled a story about revenge porn and nude photos of several hundred Australian women being put up online in one of the usual cesspits, kind of, um, insensitively. As in, it shared the story on its Facebook page with the lead line “What’s it going to take for women to get the message about taking and sending nude photos?”

An Australian journalist and writier, Clementine Ford, called them on their bullshit, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in articles.


She got the expected response from misogynist trolls, and began publishing some of the putrid comments she was receiving. Guess whose Facebook account was temporarily suspended for breaching Facebook policy, the men who made the comments in the first place, or the woman who called them on it. Go on, guess.

Also, some teenage boys were totally busted for trolling her, and one of them in particular seemed very taken aback at having to face consequences for his actions. “I was being a smart arse, just trying to have some sick fun with her, but it didn’t really work.”


*sad trombone*

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