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Did Anybody Else Know There Is A Mueller Report Book Club?

I’m just finding out about this today after spending some time with one of those “I’m reading by myself” looks on my face — now we’ll all at least have a schedule

They have numerous social media feeds, a video each week, a reading schedule, everything

I mentioned this at the end of my other post today but I didn’t want anybody to think I was intentionally burying the lede


From the site:

Donald Trump and his Attorney General, William Barr, are betting that most Americans will not read this report for themselves.

So far, they are right. According to a CNN poll, only 24% of Americans say they have read any of Mueller’s report, A full 75% have opted not to read the 448-page document, and just 3% report having read the entire thing.


We need to change that, because this is too important. The report joins similar documents as a historical record that will be debated for decades, even as its conclusions continue to reverberate through today’s politics. Because of the blatant attempts by the administration to cover up and lie about the contents of the report, it is imperative for all Americans to know what is in this document, what questions still remain and what it means for the future of Donald Trump’s presidency and beyond.

And at the end

Monday, June 10th: Looking Ahead

  • What activists and concerned citizen should be doing going forward

Again - I just saw this today, so apologies for anybody who was looking for a group last week - at least it’s only one week’s reading to catch up on.


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