If you didn’t, and you get the chance, watch it. It was brilliant. Canadian-Hungarian coproduction about spies during the Second World War, starring Evelyne Brochu (Delphine from Orphan Black) I have feelings about tonight’s series finale.









Well, that was bloody brilliant. You knew they were going to succeed since the Nazis didn’t get synthetic oil, but I didn’t expect Faber to blow himself up to kill Voight.

One thing I am not entirely clear on was why Edsel let Neil go. What assurance did he have that Neil was going to live up to his end? I think I need to watch that part again.

Evelyne Brochu was brilliant throughout the show.

I loved all three seasons, but this past one seemed particularly good. I appreciated the way they laid out exactly what the Nazis were up to in Poland. Generally speaking, if North American Media touches Nazi occupied Poland at all, it focuses on the ghettos, which is an important story, but I don’t think I have ever seen anyone cover the full extent of the Nazis plans for Poland, like that.


Recently, I saw that the show was holding a prop auction, with the proceeds going to a Camp X Museum, and one the items was the Aryan grading kit that Helana and Heidi were using on the children at the school. That creeped me right out.

Overall, while I am sad the show is over, I am glad it was so well planned and executed. A show on spies during the Second World War was going to have a limited run anyways.